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"Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected."  
Steve Jobs
Simply ask permission before putting someone on speaker phone. It gives an impression of transparency and respect. 
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"Sonya is a very dedicated trainer; her professionalism has helped many to level up their images. Her expertise and skills have become critical elements required for all type of businesses. What's attractive about her is her sincerity in delivering the wealth of information to individuals and professionals."

Rosa Tabet - Massaya Wines


"Through her ability to communicate well, her advanced interpersonal skills and her level of commitment, Sonya was successful in making a noticeable positive difference to the staff's behaviour following the completion of the training. We are looking forward to working again with her on other training projects. She has designed the training in such a way as to provide the most essential skills needed to give the right impression by our staff to our customers. It is a pleasure working with such a professional and conscientious person."

(Ramy Mecherkany - Head of Training & development - HR division - FRANSABANK)

"Great! Actually, it was not just a fun way of studying but with a lot of activities which helped break the ice and make it easier to grasp new information. The speaker was very effective in running the training program because she acted more as an adviser rather than a lecturer. She triggered the best quality in each of us and allowed us to express our own concerns and ideas. I can honestly say that undertaking the General Business Etiquette workshop has given me more confidence to deal with most situations at the office and a more professional attitude to go with it."
(Nazik Nsouli - Customer Service Officer)

"Thank you Sonya S. The training was very well divided and organized. It was also specific to our company and included examples of situations that we could face everyday. Handling complaints was the subject most interesting for me as I was never taught the methods to deal with this difficult task. The speaker was very approachable, enthusiastic and made the subject very interesting. We need more of this type of training, Bravo! Keep up the good work" (Rola Ghawi-Shmeit - Personal Assistant)

"Tres efficace, Sonya est tres active, tres proche. Elle sait diffuser tous ses messages avec une methode tres polie et equilibree. Excellente!"
(Joudi Matta - Customer Service - SGBL)

“Ms Sabbah held the presentation in an adequate and convincing communicative manner. Whenever questions and discussion items arose, they had been answered directly. Personal advice had been given and general Do’s and Don’ts were listed. In this way, the course was relevant for the future representative activities of the participants. As Ms Sabbah combines obviously her interesting professional experiences with an open-minded communication style, she includes her pleasant communicative presentation skills in the content of her work. If another Business Etiquette training is needed, it would be recommended to have once again a workshop with Ms Sabbah.” Julia Glashoff, Head of Language Department, Goethe Institute (Beirut).

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