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"Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected."  
Steve Jobs
Simply ask permission before putting someone on speaker phone. It gives an impression of transparency and respect. 
Executive Coaching for Leaders in Communication, Personal Branding, Strategic Thinking and Cultural Change in Organizations - apply now for your sessions 
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Sonya S. will coach you on the use of exceptional Business Etiquette and soft skills, where you can express sincerity and enthusiasm to your clients. We will coach and train you on proven techniques for dealing with upset customers, resolving conflicts and complaints, building trust and winning back as well as keeping your customers.

We are able to provide a series of consultancy sessions to improve the structure of your company in terms of image and branding. It can also be in the shape of trainings and workshops.

Our training is provided through workshops, one-to-one consultancy and/or a program of modules especially tailor-made to your needs and branded for your company. Our aim is to ensure that the participants are actually learning and practicing what they have learnt. At the same time, we like to make the learning process a fun one for better acceptance of the subject.

There will also be assessments of individual staff members a period after the workshop to evaluate how beneficial the exercise was and where further attention is needed. This demonstrates that we, at Sonya S. are mainly concerned with the continuous training and learning process of each client and their staff, so as to ensure maximum satisfaction and benefit.
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