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"Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected."  
Steve Jobs
Simply ask permission before putting someone on speaker phone. It gives an impression of transparency and respect. 
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"Etiquette in the City: Beirut" (By Sonya J. Sabbah)Available Now in all bookstores in Lebanon and soon at Virgin in UAE and Qatar - buy your copy now so I can sign it for you! Join our Facebook page:!/pages/Etiquette-in-the-City-Beirut/271817502851106

AHLA ALNAS Magazine in Arabic

Best Practice in Business Life for Women - p.38-39 - June, 2010 -

Fit'n Style Magazine

Survive the Honeymoon with Etiquette - By Sonya J. Sabbah - April, 2010 - p.94

Etiquette in the Bedroom can enrich your love life - By Sonya J. Sabbah - March, 2010 - p. 94

To be or not to be that is pregnant etiquette! by Sonya J. Sabbah - March, 2010 - p. 78

Mother vs. daughter ... and the rules of proper behaviour - By Sonya J. Sabbah - March, 2010 - p. 74

For Better or for Worse ... till our differences do us part! The Etiquette of getting hitched - By Sonya J. Sabbah - February, 2010 - p.78

Ho! Ho! The Gift of Christmas ...Etiquette! - By Sonya J. Sabbah - dec.2009/Jan 2010 - p58

Office Civility for a happier life! - By SOnya J. Sabbah - November, 2009 - P.70

Etiquette Can Save Your Life, Really! - By Sonya J. Sabbah - October, 2009 - p.78



Shopping Etiquette - by Sonya J. Sabbah - dec./Jan. 2009 - Time Out (Beirut) Magazine.
Table Manners – by Sonya J. Sabbah - Oct./Nov., 2008 – Time Out (Beirut) Magazine


- Traveling in Style ... with International Etiquette - by Sonya J. Sabbah - June, 2009 - Stilorama Magazine.

- Achieving success with the right dress code Etiquette - by Sonya J. Sabbah - May, 2009 - Stilorama Magazine.

- Spring is nature's way of saying live again! - by Sonya J. Sabbah - April, 2009 - Stilorama Magazine.

- The perfect gift for that special mum! - by Sonya J. Sabbah - March, 2009 - Stilorama Magazine

- Keeping it everlasting ... with Love Etiquette! - By Sonya J. Sabbah - February, 2009 - Stilorama magazine

- Does and Don'ts at Christmas - a brief etiquette guide - by Sonya J. Sabbah - December, 2008 - Stilorama magazine

- Strike A Pose With Grace And Style … - by Sonya J. Sabbah - November, 2008 – Stilorama Magazine

- The Autumn Leaves by My Window … - by Sonya J. Sabbah - September, 2008 – Stilorama Magazine

- Fighting the Flab and Looking Great on Your Hols! – by Sonya J. Sabbah - July/August, 2008 – Stilorama Magazine

- Getting Hitched … or Maybe Not!!! – by Sonya J. Sabbah - June, 2008 – Stilorama Magazine

- Getting Away … with Me, Myself and I – by Sonya J. Sabbah - May, 2008 – Stilorama Magazine

- To Believe it or Not to Believe it … That is the Question – by Sonya J. Sabbah - April, 2008 – Stilorama Magazine

- Spring is Nature’s Way of Saying “Live Again” - by Sonya J. Sabbah - March, 2008 – Stilorama Magazine

-Adam Vs. Eve on Valentine’s Day – by Sonya J. Sabbah - February, 2008 – Stilorama Magazine



News About Us

Sonya S. is now writing for Middle East Airlines, inflight Magazine, Cedar Wings on Etiquette and Civility.

Sonya S. has been a regular guest expert on the Morning Radio Show "Savoir Vivre" on Melody Radio With Sana/Liliane -

Sonya S. has recently been interviewed by Ahla AlNas, a new lifestyle magazine in Arabic, on Business Etiquette - June, 2010 -

Sonya S. is now a regular writer for the Life style Magazine, Fit'nStyle, on Etiquette & Civility.

Sonya S. appeared on a program for one whole year, every week, as an Etiquette Expert and member of the jury named "Jeyin Njarebkon" on OTV. 

Sonya S. appeared as a guest on New TV (al Jadeed) on the Nataloo show, with Siham Tueni as guest star, on Tuesday, 26th May, 2009.


Sonya S. has been involved in many recent events such as the Oum el Nour Charity Gala dinner as well as training actors on their performance by assisting and coaching them on the use of the tonality of their voices and non-verbal communication skills, for a 5-minute video.

Sonya S. had a regular column on Etiquette with the Time Out (Beirut) magazine where all types of etiquette are explored depending on the theme of the issue.

Sonya S. also writes on a regular basis for on-line UK magazine, Silorama, with all types of advice and interesting ideas.

Sonya S. is looking for a small office in the Sursock or Gemayzeh area. If anyone knows of anything, please contact us.

Pictures of events will be available soon.

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